Is durability in flooring always more expensive?

Is durability in flooring always more expensive?

Synthetic flooring must be replaced rather than refinished once it becomes worn, so it is a less cost-effective option over time than more expensive hardwood, porcelain, and stone flooring.

That being said, high-quality synthetic flooring lasts decades, and thus, the purchase price is money well spent. In addition, when you shop for floors at a flooring store like Jay's Flooring in Marysville, Washington, you can compare all types of floor coverings.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood tolerates moisture, a factor that can positively affect the lifespan of a wood floor. The durability of engineered wood, composed of a hardwood layer and a plywood base, is dependent upon factors that include

? the overall quality of the wood flooring

? the thickness of the hardwood layer

? type of hardwood

? floor care

Luxury vinyl

You can't go wrong by choosing top-quality luxury vinyl new floors because they are waterproof and has a tough surface layer that protects the high-tech wood, stone, concrete, or ceramic image below it.

In addition, this child- and pet-friendly easy-clean plank and tile floor covering can either be glued to the subfloor or clicked and locked together to construct a floor that 'floats' over the subfloor.


Laminate is another manufactured multiple-layer flooring material that imitates natural materials, and like luxury vinyl, there are standard and waterproof brands.

However, these less costly new floors repel water only for the amount of time listed in the manufacturer's specifications, or about one day. As a result, floating floor designs are the norm for these planks and tiles.

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