Marysville, WA homeowners searching for the perfect flooring

Six tips on finding the perfect flooring

Shopping for flooring can be overwhelming, but it's not as complicated as you might think. Before you even begin your journey, here are six things to consider.

1. Budget

Look at the overall picture, including upkeep, accessories, adhesives, etc. Be ultra-realistic about your needs; set your priorities and expectations. If finances are an issue, consider "me too" products, such as wood-or-stone look laminate instead of genuine materials.

2. Communication

Once you set your priorities, challenges, goals, and style, discuss these in detail with the professionals at our flooring company so they can help guide you to the right flooring.

3. Determine installation area

There are specific considerations for sub and surface floors if it's a higher-than-normal moisture area. For example, understand the two hardwood versions or reconsider entirely, and choose waterproof flooring or luxury vinyl. Also, consider the overall room, whether it's large, small, sunny, or dark.

4. Shopping

It's always tempting to save money on flooring, but don't skimp on things like carpet padding or other accessories. Thickness is a significant factor, especially when considering a budget-friendly product like laminate or vinyl. Remember, subfloor imperfections can easily travel up to the surface floor, and a more robust surface will help hide them.

5. Special concerns

Remember that many flooring products, especially carpet, now have versions that specifically address extra durability stain resistance and are pet-and-kid friendly, hypoallergenic, or sustainable.

6. Your home?s style

While nothing needs to be an exact match, the colors and style must coordinate to have one cohesive look. For instance, you might coordinate one of the colors in your tile backsplash with the counter or floor.

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